Ngalik Tribe

Silimo is a small district that is under Yahukimo, with a population of approximately 15000 people, which is from Wamena can be reached by Cessna aircraft approximately 20 minutes, and walk approximately 4-days.  life of the local economy is very weak, community’s  job everyday is  gardening.

Education in Silimo is very poor. Elementary and junior high school buildings in this area had been build but there are no teachers to teach, teachers assigned contracts in this area is just coming 1-2 months and then they go away and not come back. However YBI has trained 8 part-time teachers to teach in government schools, as well as providing teaching materials, so that the school can continue running.  Due to the absence of government teachers on a regular basis, then many students can not learn well and even many who can not read and write.

Surveys and meetings with community leaders and governments are beginning  of cooperation. In Silimo one missionary family who had lived there for decades to assist the local community in the fields of religion and early chil dhood education. Buz Maxey as a missionary have started activities early childhood education since 11 years ago and held a nutrition program every week. He started working with YBI since 1995.

Therefore YBI through educational programs mother tongue language sponsored by the government of Finland through Wycliffe Finland through various activities such as teacher training, ranging from marching in front of the class to the entrance of active learning in the classroom, as well as the development of teaching materials for the literacy of children and adults as well as materials teaching for formal school grade one, two and three. YBI has monitoring by sending several teachers each month and stayed some time in order to check the development of education in Silimo. In principle, the local government supports native language education programs implemented in government schools in Ngalik Tribe, Silimo.