About Bethany Foundation


In the mid of globalization and the transformation that occurs in almost every aspect of Indonesian life line movement of reform, but still based on the divinity of the Lord, and the UUD  1945, then in essence by some of the son’s nation, and which have integrity and high commitment, consider it necessary to establish the Indonesian Bethany Foundation which will be a foundation that can operate with high integrity and commitment.

Indonesian Bethany Foundation (YBI) formerly known as Irian Jaya Betania Foundation, as established in Jayapura, Irian Jaya on 3 September 1990, and based in Irian Jaya. Therefore, the development of service locations and target groups that reach out to other provinces such as Maluku, Central Sulawesi, and NTT, with representatives in Jakarta, then in 1999, the name of the Foundation Betania Irian Jaya have changed to became "Indonesian Bethany Foundation"  it changed on September 3rd,  1996 with increases several fields of activity.

Indonesian Bethany Foundation (YBI) is committed to reachout the outreach negleted community, with love of God, with the commitment YBI has several programs in community development in the field such as:

  1. ​Formal and Informal Education
  • Formal education :  Bethany school from K-high school
  • Informal education : Literacy
  • Multi Languanges education

2. Health

  • Health Counseling
  • Imuniazation
  • Cadre Training of the Village medicine Post
  • Counseling and HIV/AIDS’ Seminar

3. Bible translation in to some tribes languanges in Papua