YBI's Aim

Yayasan Betania Indonesia (YBI) is established with the aim to cooperate with partners either government and Non-Governmental Organization in Indonesia and abroad to:

  1. Develop spiritual mental of the Indonesian origins, especially those who are neglectful due to status in economy, social culture and spiritual.
  2. Conduct Formal and Informal Education.
  3. Conduct health service by providing Health Clinic / Hospital including elucidation in HIV / AIDS for neglectful ethic groups particularly Inland Indigenous & Tribal People (so called KAT).
  4. Conduct society development activities for society, neglectful ethic groups particularly Inland Indigenous & Tribal People (KAT).
  5. Establish Orphanage etc. according to its necessity.
  6. Provide a safe, economical and effisient means of land, sea and air transportation.

So far YBI has conducted:

  • Skill trainings such as typing, sewing and cooking to groups of people at YBI’s workshops.
  • Management training for Church Leaders and YBI’s local staff in Inland Papua.
  • Literacy Workshop.
  • Develop Papua Literacy Awareness Network with now around 50 tutors and 45 adult learing group consiting of 100 adults.
  • Elucidation in HIV / AIDS and Narcotic.
  • Cadre training for Village Medicine Post (POD) particularly in 14 KAT areas in Papua.
  • Support in providing some kind of scholarship for Elementary, Junior High and High School students to help poor parents.
  • Help the people’s crops such as peanuts, eaglewood within the KAT areas.
  • Distribution of the 9 Basic Needs (so called Sembako) and other household necessity for victims of natural disaster as well as victims caused by religious and ethnic conficts.