Bethania Foundation Indonesia has a formal education program that was established in August 2002, with the International curriculum and consist of  Early Childhood Education ( ECD ) through to high school and national education curriculum which is based on Indonesian education’s  system.

International Curriculum was taken from Australia ( Southern Cross Educational Enterprised / SCEE , namely Christian Education with an individual learning system ) where there is a large space called the Learning Center , which consists of several grade levels with 3 monitors and 1 supervisor . Bethany School, located in the Buper, Waena, registered in Jayapura City Education Department , and also online at National Education Ministry in Jakarta and has been accredited. Grade 6 , grade 9 and grade 12 was also as participants in a national exam.

Bethany School’s vision and mision is to educate students with knowledge and skills based on Biblical principles, in order to be individuals who are qualified in science and faith, there for when completing their study, they can be a quality leader in Papua or anywhere they being and Bethany school become a best quality schools in educating people to face global challenges.