Edopi Tribe

Edopi tribe located in Region Mamberamo Raya. Betania Foundation Indonesia has initiated educational activities in this area in 2012 and successfully established two schools in this tribe, tribe Edopi consists of three villages namely Kordesi, Foitau and Douvu.

Surveys and meetings with community leaders and the government is beginning of cooperation. Education in Edopi rate was minimal. There are Elementary and junior high school buildings in this area but there are no teachers to teach, teachers assigned contracts in this area is just coming 2-3 months and then they go away and not come back. So that is mean, the school must running for six month as one semester, but they just made it 2-3 months, then school off for few more months.

It cause, many children who can not read and write, the situation is very concern. For though they are already the 6th grade, but they can not read and write. Activities they do as long as no teaching and learning process is looking for fish in the lake and help parents work the garden. This activity will continue as long as there are no teachers to come teach in this Region.

Therefore, through the mother tongue language education program sponsored by the government of Finland through Wycliffe Finland and through our YBI put through a variety of activities in all three villages which is centered in the village Douvu. The first training was conducted in January 2015 on 29-30, the participants of this training amounted to 7 people who are members of the three villages. Materials provided on this training is a New Story Book 1 (BB1) and book 2 (BB2). Coordinator is responsible for these tribes is Paulus Folita, he is also a teacher for adult literacy class at Douvo.