On this program, YBI has given a guidence to the society in the vilage, children and adults who did not receive education as it should be.

Literacy programs run well &very helping the villagers to recognize letters and be able to read. We can see through the testimony YBI’s tutor, Mrs. Merry who are willing to serve the villagers.
Since 1995 years ago you join to Literacy, could you tell us why?
“Because I wanted to explore more about literacy (teaching illiterates) in terms of adding my knowledge , so what I was getting through literacy can help others by teaching in illiterate groups”. “There are still many people in Jayapura,even in the remote areas the children or adults can not read or write,this coused of low finance and and lack of teachers who willing to teach them patiently. The other reason why people in the remote areas could not read or write it is because of the geographic of Papua was not easy to reach, it was made the teacher afraid to come and stay in the vilage. This is the reason why I am as a indigenous of Papua want to help my brothers and sisters, so they also can read and write like me, and more confident in society”. Eventhough, i have no degree but by the knowledge that I have got during join the training for Literacy Education, I’m willing to teach them.”
What kind of experience or feeling that you’ve got during join in Literacy?
I felt happy since I’m join in Literacy Class, and I’ve got many knowledge about Literacy from the course or learn how to teach people, it makes my heart and my mind tought that I have to reach the goal and teach the Illiterates. As a Papuan which could get a chance to study in Literacy Class makes me could prepare myself to help each other, that’s what I want to be.

For the first time when I started to teach in literacy class, my heart was touched when I saw adults can not read or write,but I’m happy because I can help them, and time by time I could see any changes with them,I found they can read & write, and it makes me more interest to help them and set my goal. 

The illiterates who already can read and write, can continued their study to the next level such as High School, join in university, or even become a government officer and pastor. 
Sometimes as a teacher I felt bored, because I’ve taught and met the same person every day, there is no visitor, people would think that this is the kind of job that doesn’t give benefits for me but in my hearth, that’s all about serving, i thought that this is what Lord wants me to do in mylife.
My Visions are, I really want to see the papuan who live in the vilages or in remote area can get the same education like people in the city, I will be happy when I saw a smile on their face that’s my longing as a papuan woman . Helping people not only for reading and writing but also we can help to teach them making crafts or teach them about live health,  so that, they can improve their live. 
By learn reading, hopefuly they can read the holy Bible every day and get understanding about God’s love for every one.
Lastly, hopefuly through Literacy many people could be helped.